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Line Birds - An OpenGL based graphics game for desktop

Back in the days of my engineering college at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore. I had this wonderful course called on Computer Graphics taught by a good prof. We had to submit a mini project on the topic to get course credit. My friend had just bought himself a brand new iPhone 3GS and the opened us to the wide variety of additive simple games. A bunch of us were addicted to this game called Line Birds by Robert Szeleney (Djinnworks)

We decided to try to emulate this on a desktop environment based on a the fish in a pond knowledge of OpenGL we had aquired through the course at college. The idea was the be able to create a multiplayer enviroment where can see and compares score from friends, similar to what Apple has done with Game Center today.

This is how far we got with it. Here is the link to my GitHub repo for this project. Its still addictive and enjoyable on a windows Desktop.

DISCLAIMER: We donot claim Intellectual Property for the images or idea used.

P.S: Thanks to my enthusiastic friends Harsha KC and Akshay Joshi for getting this project done.

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