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Data Science Specialization - Coursera

MOOC by John Hopkins University

Data Science Specialization is a sequence of nine courses plus a capstone project course by the John Hopkins University. I have enjoyed learning each course through this sequence. The lectures and content is very short, intuitive and informative both in the context of academia as well as industry. The assignments and projects are thought provoking and give hands on experience to implement the theory of lectures or real world datasets.

Here is my DataScienceCoursera github repo. If you want to fork and improve my code you are welcome to do so. I will be adding to the same repo all through the nine courses. It would also be useful for other student of this course to understand the many ways of solving the assignment problems.

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox
R Programming
Getting and Cleaning Data
Exploratory Data Analysis
Reproducible Research
Statistical Inference
Regression Models
Practical Machine Learning
Developing Data Products

Read more about this course on my blog Review of DataScience Specialization
DISCLAIMER: Please use the resource to get an understanding of the different ways of solving the assignenments, but donot use it as a source for plagiarism

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