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Science, Math and trivia YouTube Channels

9th Sept 2015
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We are always constantly gathering information and processing it, but have you wondered about how much you really retain other than the things you are supposed to retain (for example work, family etc.). Chances are pretty high that you won't remember what you had for lunch/dinner on any day more than a week ago. The food we eat - the vegetables, fruits, spices comes from plants that convert light and Carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen through a process called Photosynthesis. But what if one day the sun disappeared? Why is the the light speed the ultimate limit of speed in the universe? We often tend to get bored in our everyday lives because of monotony. But do we really get "bored" as in boring a hole through say wood? Why do we clap? Why do we wear clothes? Why do we have 2 nostrils? Why are words bad? Is a deja vu real? Is there another me in this universe? What does the earth cost? Why is the solar system flat when it could easily be any other 3D configuration? What is the final fate of the universe? Have you heard of the Magnus effect? Have you ever taken a look at current world events more critically?


If you have ever though of questions like these, you are not alone. If you haven't don't worry - read on. Our lives are too small to explore every domain. There are a tremendous number of things we take for granted and continue our everyday lives. Some of these abstractions help us function better. The natural evolution and selection has helped us develop this sense of abstraction over millenniums of generations. But sometimes when you want a change from the mundane, the everyday humdrum, the normal banal actives and pause to question the things we take for granted, the answer may just blow your mind or even give you a different perspective. There is such a vast body of knowledge out there and we can hardly touch 10% of it in our lives. But the internet can now us atleast touch a few more things than were otherwise possible. I find watching videos that explain phenomenons the best way to learn something new.

Google trends lists "things to do on the internet when bored" as one of the most searched keyword and its frequency has even increased over the years. Here is my compilation of some of the active YouTube channels that I subscribe to help me keep my mind fresh and keep thinking in directions that I otherwise would be unaware of. These channels address a variety topics from human behaviour to the universe and physics experiments that question your understanding of the workings of the fundamental laws that govern our everyday lives.

1. Vsauce1 by Michael Stevens

2. Veritasium by Derek Muller

3. Minute Physics

4. Numberphile

5. SciShow / SciShow Space

6. C.G.P Grey

7. TestTube News

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