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Love Liberation: Short Story

27th March 2015
Short Story;Love;Multipersonality

Present day
The black ink from the pen stained her beautiful white face as he mercilessly struck her with it repeatedly. She didn't move or resist, not because she couldn't but she just didn't want to. Slowly the life shrivelled out of her as he grabbed her and looked her in the eyes. There's was not a single drop of remorse or regret in her eyes. He lay there for a while thinking about the last month. He took a single sheet of paper from the adjoining table and wrote "Thank you and Sorry" with the same pen he stabbed her with and left.

5 years ago
He had gone with his mother to meet the doctor. "It's treatable with medication and regular exercise" said the doctor. He had been diagnosed after several tests with dissociative identity disorder. It perfectly explained his mood swings and contrasting behavious. Sometimes he would wake up one day not knowing how he got there or what he had done the previous hour or previous day. Some other times he would wake up knowing what he had done days ago but not remember what he did moments ago. "His two personalities knew about themselves but had no clue about the existence of the other" continued the docter. Now, he had been prescribed medication course for years.

1 month ago
"The time's what? 11:50?", he rushed down to get ready and head to office. He worked at a software company so attire didn't matter. The bottle of tablets lay on the table untouched for months now. He felt like a new person, liberated and empowered. He blended perfectly into the city traffic and it was 12:00 by then. He veered off route to buy a bouquet of roses for his admirer. She was pretty, big eyes, round face, long hair, womenly grace personified. He had been talking with her for several months now. They had been out on few dates and were getting to know each other well. He felt he loved her dearly, he wanted soon, very soon. He had made her the center of his life. He was swept off his feet each time she smiled. He used to feel that adrenaline rush everytime she came close or their shoulder rubbed.
He got off the bus and as it grinded to a halt he felt a jolt in his mind, something he hadn't felt in years. He felt his head spin but then "I haven't slept well in days because of this stupid release", its bound to happen he told himself. He saw the roses in his hand and wondered what was he planning to do with it. He passed by the parking lot on the way into his office and saw a beautiful girl talking to a guy and chuckling. He had an he an obscure thought that he had seen her before, some esoteric sense of closeness, but couldn't put his finger on who it was. And then as she hugged the guy, his eyes dropped. He kept the roses by his computer and got into the days work. At the end of the day, he was with her at the rooftop view restaurant on their 8th date. Soon he told himself, very soon. He dropped her off home and was walking back to his own house when he realized he had misplaced the house key. He was walking back on the dark desserted road when he felt a severe head pain, like he was out of balance. A car passed by with a girl and a guy kissing inside. He smiled to himself imagining how well the date and gone and making granduer plans for a proposal.

Last week
His dates with her continued over the past month. He was head over heels in love with her now. But today she had said she was busy with work and he had gone to the theatre to see the most aniticipated Hollywood movie of the year. His work too had got more hectic and he was getting lesser and lesser sleep. Before the movie he had taken a paracetamol for his headache. In the row in front of him a guy was holding a girl in his arms and she was leaning on his shoulder. For the rest of the movie he tried to ignore the chuckles from her. At the end of the movie when they were getting off, he glanced at her face and felt some vague sense of familiarity. He wanted to ask her if he knew her from somewhere but he felt it would be rude as she was probably with her boyfriend.

Present day
He felt reality distort. His split-personality disorder was back with a vegence. He suddenly couldn't fathom what he was doing and what he wanted to do. Reality was a blur to him. Each moment was his present and past. In all that blur and foggy memories he could see one thing clearly, she had cheated on him. He could see her smile, her eyes and her motions clearly and then the car, the caffeteria, the theatre and so on. It would play repeatedly in his mind. This was the one thing in all the cloud of memories that was as clear as day to him. He confronted her at her house. She didn't object to anything he said. She told him that she had been held captive since she was a teen and forced to be a paid companion for guys. His anger surged and his animal instincts took over. She was happy to be finally done with life. She had been unshacked and let free. To her there was relief in that pain, the last pain she would ever feel.

A few hours later he walked out of her house with blood stained hands. He could see his whole life play out in front of him. He wasn't sick anymore. He saw the two parts of his life. She had cured him but payed for it with her life.

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